Kawaii Chair
is more than just a chair – it is a luxurious massage chair designated to Reduce your daily body Stress.


Kawaii brand is belongs to us and we manufacture, design and directly import from South Korea. Therefore, you could buy a high quality product with lower prices. Our After Service is fast, stable in the field. Most of other retailer, distributor don't mind their customer's request. Because it's hard to find a part of the chair and the after service takes too long time. We understand those customer's needs so we always ready to replace the part and main motors in the warranties.  

Who We Are

Since 1988, we have been helping customers around the world with our products so that they can enjoy a more healthy and active lifestyle. All of our team members who work at Kawaii Chair share a passion for relaxing in top-quality massage chairs. 

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Crafted with Love

Our goal is not to sell massage chairs – it is to craft the best massage chairs in the world. We use only the finest materials and components to build our products, which is why our technology is developed in South Korea.

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Upcoming Events

Want to be a part of one of our future events? We attend convention shows across the States not only to showcase our products but because we love meeting new people and sharing our story. We hope to meet you soon!

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We have a several other locations in California and Nevada. If you want to buy our product, Please visit our showroom first and have an experience

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