Kawaii Body Toner S1


One of the newest additions to our Kawaii product line, the Body Toner S1 is built to be an exercising aid. By simply adjusting the placement of your feet, this toning machine has the ability to mimic 3 kinds of movements: walking, jogging and running. The Body Toner will help burn calories and increase blood circulation by shaking and toning your body to help you live a healthier life in addition to eating right and exercising consistently. To make storage more convenient for our customers, we have designed it so that it is smaller in size without taking away any of it's features and lighter in weight to reduce any bulkiness. Take control of your health and live a healthier version of you today. Tip: Place your feet on the "running" position for 5 mins to "run" an equivalent distance of about 1 kilometer. 



MSRP – $1,399.00

Net Weight – 36 lbs
Gross Weight – 42 lbs
Rated Noise – <54.5dB
Rated Power – 95W
Box Measurements – 33x18x9"
Product Measurements – 31x17x7"




LCD Display
Wireless Wrist Remote
Measures Distance
Measures Calories
Arc Pedal Design
Various Exercising Modes
MP3 Music Player
Fitness Elastic Rope Included
Walking Program
Jogging Program
Running Program