Characteristics and Advantage

Functions for Your Daily Life
- Massage, acupressure and heating functions with acupressure rods
- Concentrated acupressure programs on shoulder, back, waist and spinal line
- Indication of area under operation on remote control
- Temperature of mattress and acupressure rod is memorized even though power is off
- Vertical acupressure is applied with 62 acupressure rod between the spinal area 1 and 18
- Standard tests passed for electric, mechanical safety and electromagnetic wave safety for a medical device by Korea FDA

Function of The Mattress
- Acupressure bed mattress made of the patented hexagonal ceramic substance
- Special ceramic is blended with herbal materials and baked under high temperature of 1300 degrees to for optimized emission of the FIR (Far Infrared Ray).
- Cleaning the mattress surface with any towels effortlessly
- Healing effect on skin diseases and allergies
- Moderately cool in summer and warm in winter