3H-820 Smart Acupressure Bed

3H-820 Smart Acupressure Bed

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- Stylish classic wooden bed in twin extra long size
- Integrated with a patented 3H Smart massage system
- Integrated with a Far Infrared Ray (FIR) thermal therapy system
- Bringing the culture of health, comfort and happiness to your home
- Available in multiple colors
- Shipping in one pallet
- Professional assembly is preferred
- Installation manual in English and Korean available.
- Installation video is available online

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3H Smart Acupressure Bed is one of the most unique and innovative products of its kind and a perfect 3-in-1 integration of a bed, a massage system, and a FIR thermal therapy system that brings the culture of health, comfort and happiness to your home, more specifically,

 ·      A stylish classic wooden bed integrated with 3H Smart massage and FIR thermal therapy system that brings the culture of health, comfort and happiness to your home
·      A cushioned thermal mattress with patented herbal ceramic hexagonal pieces that emits far-infrared rays with herbal essence for warmness, sterilization,  deodorization, detoxification, skin-beautify, weight-loss and other healing effects
·      A massage machine performs acupressure, moxibustion and massage on muscles along the curvature of the spine. It also massages other body parts such as neck, shoulder, back, waist, abdomen, sacral/buttocks, thigh/lower limb in different body poses such as standard spinal pose, belly pose and sitting pose.
·      A remote controller sets desired temperature, time, auto/manual massage programs. It also displays temperature of the mattress and acupressure rods.

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Features and Benefits

.      Comfortable Living Functions                              
·      FIR Thermo-therapy, acupressure massage functions
·      Acupressure functions by different body parts (Neck/Shoulder, b ack, Waist)
·      Easy recognize the progress location acupressure stick by presenting on screen of the remote control

·      Apply Chuna Treatment                             
·      62 of the acupressure sticks massage 18 points of the spine vertically 
·      Designed with consideration for the human curvature
·      62 heating rods moving smoothly to improve circulation and inflamed or damaged muscles, promotes a strong and healthy spine
·      Drastically change your sleeping health without expensive medical costs

·      Certified as a Medical Device in Korea
·      Hexagonal herbal ceramics made in fires over 1300°C or 2372°F
·      Magnetic shielded type hot wires, double shielding materials
·      Passed standard test for safety of electromechanical and electric wave for medical devices
·      Used by chiropractic doctors in hospitals and clinics and won numerous awards in Korea
·      Popular not only for seniors but teenagers as well

 ·      Health Benefits for People who are
·      Standing long hours                             
·      Sitting long hours                                 
·      Suffering Waist pain
·      Suffering Chronic neck pain
·      Suffering Chronic back pain
·      Suffering spinal disc herniation
·      Suffering lumbar scoliosis, sciatica
·      Suffering Muscle pain and stiffness
·      Suffering from insomnia, headache, or migraine
·      Suffering Cold and numb feet and hands even in summer
·      Wanting abdominal massage
·      Wanting thermal spinal acupressure
·      Wanting thermal calf massage
. Wanting losing


Color: Black, Brown, Gold
Item Size
- Width: 1010 mm / 40 in
- Length: 2280 mm / 90 in
- Headboard Height: 830 mm / 33 in
- Footboard Height: 400 mm / 16 in
Item Weight: 140 kg / 310 lb

Package Size
- Package Width: 88 in
- Package Length: 36 in
- Package Height: 36 in
Package Weight: 380 lb

Rated voltage: AC 110V / 60 Hz
Power Consumption: 410 W
Setpoint Temperature: 10°C-70°C / 50°F - 158°F
Safety Devices:
- Over-heat protection circuit
- Over-current shutoff circuit
- Auto-detect function for temperature sensor malfunctioning
Protection Type and Degree Against Electric Shock: Class I device, Applied Part Type B

Basic Components:
- Wooden Furniture Frame
- 3H Smart Massage Machine
- Thermal Herbal Ceramic Mattress
- Remote Controller
- Power Cable

Manufacturer: 3H Co. Ltd., Republic of Korea
Manufacturing License Number: Medical Appliance Manufacturer No. 228
Authorization Number: No. 10-191

The design specification is subject to change.

Patents and Certifications

·      Certificate of GMP - KTC-ABB-150411
·      Certificate of manufacture of medical devices (No. 10-191)  
·      Patent certificate in China No. 1094076
·      Patent certificate in Korea No. 10-1136724      
·      Patent certificate in Korea No. 10-1114327      
·      Patent certificate in China No. CQC16008152643      
·      Certification of venture business No. 20160110331   
·      Globalgroup certification of registration ISO 14001:2004      
·      Globalgroup certification of registration ISO 9001:2008         
·      Certificate of Performance No 13-270
·      Certificate of Designation of an excellent product No 2016095        
·      Certificate of trademark registration (No. 2016095) 
·      The best new product


           While this product may substantially help improve your health condition, it has not been approved by US FDA as a medical treatment device in United States though it has been approved by Korean FDA. It is necessary to use the product with proper cautions and using methods. You may consult your doctor for prescription and guidance if you intend to use it for your medical treatment. Your discretion must be applied for medical use.