3H Ceragel Cream

3H Ceragel Cream

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This 3H ceragel cream is a skin care cream that helps you realize healthy and elastic beautiful skin by delivering water and other ingredients to skin in the way. When the scream is applied to the skin, triple effects in moisturizing will take place, once to the skin surface and twice under the skin, that is, skin surface by cream being absorbed, the outer layer of skin by hyaluronic acid, and the underlying skin by mucin. Additionally it promotes skin elasticity and removes free radical by Hwangjeokyongdan, grows underlying collagen by wild ginseng extract and plant mucin, activates skin cell by ceramic mineral water.



Item Size
·      Width: 1 ½ in
·      Length: 2 in
·      Height: 5 ½ in
Item Weight: 0.22 lbs. (3.5 oz)

Package Size
·      Package Width: 6 in
·      Package Length: 6 in
·      Package Height: 2 in
Package Weight: 0.44 lbs

Basic Components:
·      3H Ceragel Cream
·      Box

Manufacturer: 3H Co. Ltd., Republic of Korea

*The design specification is subject to change.