Kai-SLS9 Massage Chair

Kai-SLS9 Massage Chair

  • Next Generation Sonic Wave Massage

  • High-Elastically Massage Ball

  • Backrest Massage Module

  • Sonic Wave Vibration Module

  • Sliding System

  • Three Stage Zero Gravity Posture

  • Hyper S Frame

  • Long L Type Frame

  • Powerful and Delicate Air Pressure from Head to Toe

  • Body Section-Target Massage with Partial Method

  • Music Sink

  • Bluetooth

  • Sole

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This is a next generation massage chair, the beginning of the newness beyond the existing value, opening of a new world of sonic wave massage. The new concept of sound vibration massage transcends the limit of physical massage and gives more inspiration than imagination. It provides a completely new concept of massaging in which the straightness and waves of the sound waves beneficial to the body that are transmitted more smoothly and deeply.

It has 3 stages of zero gravity posture which the dispersion of weight applied to the seat provides the most comfortable posture. It uses high elasticity massage balls to enhance the massage feeling which provides a feeling of a massage by hand. The sliding system only needs 14cm space for reclining. The backrest massage unit with high-strength design for enhanced durability provides more powerful massage. The sonic wave massage unit has the magnetic circuit, exclusive for sonic wave massage, allowing you to experience a new concept of massage.

Unlike the conventional S-frame with only curved line of neck ad hips, the ergonomic frame design adopts the line of human lumber spine as it is, which provides a tight massage feeling with less burden on the back. The long L-frame meet the frame of the most advanced massage chair. It provides powerful and delicate air pressure from head to toe with 2 powerful air pumps, 17 air valves, and fantasy harmonies made of 111 air cells. The body section-target massage with partial method has 140 level from neck to shoulder, waist and hip.


Color: Imperial Blue

Item Size
- Width: 34 in
- Length: 63  in
- Recline Length: 74 in
- Height: 50 in
Item Weight: 302 lb

Package (Pallet Load)
- Width: 66 in
- Length: 45 in
- Height: 70 in
Package Weight: 400 lb

Rated voltage: AC 220 V
Frequency: 60 Hz
Power Consumption: 230 W

Basic Components:
- Massage Chair
- Remote Controller
- Power Cable

Shipping and Assembly:
- Domestic Shipping.
- Expert to Setup 

Manufacturer: HuTech OEM (Made in China)

Features and Benefits

  • New Concept of Sonic Wave Massage

  • Straightness and Sound Waves Massaging more smoothly and Deeply into to the Body

  • Sliding Forward only 14cm

  • 3 Stages of Zero Gravity Posture

  • High-Elastic Massage Balls Enhancing Hand-Massage Feeling

  • Backrest Massage Unit Enhancing Durability and High-Strength

  • Magnetic Circuit Exclusive for Sonic Wave Massage

  • Hyper S Frame Design Adopts the Human Lumber Spine

  • Long L-Type Frame Meets the Most Advanced Design

  • Powerful and Delicate Air Pressure from Head to Toe

  • Powerful Air Pumps

  • 17 Air Valves

  • Fantasy Harmonies Made of 111 Air Cells

  • Body Section-Target Massage with Partial Method

  • 140 Levels for Neck, Shoulder, Waist and Hip

  • Sole Rollers