Kawaii HG1710 Massage Chair

Kawaii HG1710 Massage Chair

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  • Full Body Air Massage 

  • 3D Technology

  • Controller Included

  • 3 Memory Programs

  • Adjustable Head Cushion

  • Various Massage Programs

  • Bluetooth MP3 Speakers

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Kawaii HG1710 massage chair offers the best technology and comfort among massage chairs. Kawaii HG1710 massage chair has unique features that other massage chairs do not offer in today's competitive market. On top of the best foot massage function, the innovative design of the folded head pillow is now softer than ever, providing more comforts for the head and the back area. The split airbags at waist area provide better coverage to relieve muscle stiffness and back pain. For better arm massage, the armrest design is upgraded with the ability to adjust the angle up to 25 degrees. A set of led lights are placed in each armrest to display a vibrant red color when in use.

Blue tooth speakers are another highlighted feature in HG1710 massage chair. With 3D digital audio speakers built into side of the chair, you can connect the bluetooth to a smart phone or tablet device to listen to your favorite music while receiving a relaxing massage. Another unique feature is the fan blowing negative ions. The innovative negative oxygen ionizer is designed to emit air as fresh as the clean natural air from a forest or mountains. The negative ion is known as ‘vitamin in the air’. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.


3D Technology
Zero Gravity
Space Saver Design
S-Curve Back Massage
Neg. Oxygen Ionizer Fan
Bluetooth MP3 Speakers
Back Heating
Back Massage
Controller Included
Waist Stretch
Hip Swing
Memory Program
Adjustable Head Cushion
Shoulder/Neck Massage
Arm Airbag Massage
Various Massage Programs
"Closed" Feet Design
Adjustable Legs
Leg Stretch
Leg Airbag Massage
Calf Airbag Massage
Foot Airbag Massage
Achilles Airbag Massage
Sole Rollers

Product Documents

Kawaii HG1710 Massage Chair Product Brochure
Kawaii HG1710 Massage Chair Instruction Manual


Color: Black, Brown, Gold (Beige), Red

Item Size:
- Width: 33 in
- Seat Width: 520 mm / 21 in
- Length: 1420 mm / 56  in
- Recline Length: 1920 mm / 76 in
- Height: 1260 mm / 50 in
- Recline Height: 920 mm / 37 in
Item Weight: 309 lb

Package Size
- Package Width: 73 in
- Package Length: 30 in
- Package Height: 33 in
Package Weight: 354 lb

Rated voltage: AC 110-120V / 50 Hz
Power Consumption: 240W
Standby Power: < 0.5W

Basic Components:
- Massage Chair
- Remote Controller
- Power Cable

Shipping and Assembly:
Domestic Shipping. Expert to Setup 

- One-Year IN-HOME Warranty
- Five-Year Extended Home Furniture Protection Plan

Manufacturer: TRF USA, Inc

* The design specification is subject to change.