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Featured Vendor of 2015

Kawaii's featured retailer of 2015 is our authorized and exclusive Texas vendor, Direct Bellaire Furniture. Not only does their store sell luxurious furniture, but they continue to rise as Kawaii's best seller! Direct Bellaire Furniture has sold over 1,000 Kawaii massage chairs, and this is only the beginning for them.

Direct Bellaire Furniture is if not the biggest and fastest growing local furniture stores located in Houston, TX. One of the store's quality that Kawaii loves
and appreciates is the store's unique culture. The store treats every single
one of their customers as if they are family. Customer service is actually practiced and truly valued within the store standards. 
Make sure to congratulate them by dropping by their store!

Direct Bellaire Furniture
11814 Bellaire Blvd Suite B
Houston, TX 77072
Store: (281) 495-3333

And check out these amazing commercials Direct Bellaire Furniture
created featuring our Kawaii HG1310 massage chair!

Viewer discretion is advised.